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Our Beginning

The first Baptists in Baring were emigrants from distant churches. James Sargent moved from North Yarmouth to Baring, in 1828. Soon after his arrival, he opened an evening prayer meeting, to be held weekly on the [Canadian] side of the river. Here he [along with another disciple of Jesus] maintained the worship of God, 'amid much popular opposition.' But God, who always hears when his people pray, designed that these disciples should not long toil alone. In 1835, deacons Neil D. Shaw and O. Allen, with several other Baptists, became residents in Baring. [Evening prayer] meetings were now held more frequently. Soon converts began to multiply, and to unite with the [nearest] church. (1st Baptist Church, Calais) In May, 1838, their number had increased to thirty-seven. They were then induced to leave their brethren in Calais, and organize Baring [Baptist] Church. Their first pastor, Elder O. B. Walker, was ordained among them in 1839. By the blessing of God they completed, in 1843, a neat and commodious house of worship. (Taken from: A History of the Baptists in Maine)

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